Program Fees & Dates

Money matters! The Helping Abroad programs are based on some of the most viable pricing structures in the world for similar experiences. A few of our many advantages include:

  • We offer extremely affordable prices, starting as low as $ 199.
  • We make it a point never to compromise on quality or safety.
  • Our volunteer and onsite coordinators have nearly ten years of volunteer abroad experience, providing you with the benefit of their expert guidance through the ultimate adventure in giving.

Helping Abroad is a US nonprofit (501 C3) organization. We do not make a profit from our work. We believe that the volunteer abroad experience should be available to all, and that it should be such an unforgettable, positive life ventures that anyone would want to experience it.

You may connect low cost with low quality, but this concept does not apply to our programs. We've been in the volunteer travel business for a decade, and can guarantee that our programs are safe and of the highest caliber, even though our prices are unrivalled in the field. When you join our program, you'll may be amazed to find yourself working and living alongside volunteers from the UK, the US, and New Zealand who paid much more for the same experience.

You'll pay an application fee of $249, which helps cover our outlay for necessities such as advertising and office expenses. You'll be charged a nominal weekly fee as well, most of which pays for your personal charges, such as room and board, insurance, project donations, and staff services. It is our unswerving goal to offer the best quality, safest, and most economical volunteer journeys available on the planet.