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Are you a learning enthusiast wanting to an internship in Sri Lanka? If quality and affordability in internship is what you want, look no further. Helping Abroad collaborates with local organizations and communities by which we can provide enriching internship programs in this beautiful island country. Interns can choose to do their internship in various programs like orphanage programs, teaching English to monks, elephant project and teaching English project.

Sri Lanka is an exotic South Asian country that takes pride in its spectacular landscapes, palm beaches and diverse culture and cuisine. The island nation in Asia is lush in its flora and fauna, where you get to enjoy the hospitality of the local community and savor the local Sri Lankan cuisine. With Helping Abroad you will not only get a chance to travel to this beautiful island nation, but also acquire internship experience in amazing projects that will not only uplift and boost your CV but also leave you with an experience of a lifetime.

To get a head-start on your Sri Lanka internship program, take a few moments to contact us by email for more information, including travel dates, fees and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fees and Dates

Helping abroad offers the most affordable Sri Lanka Internship experience. Except our registration fee of $299, our fees start as low as $155 which you will pay directly to host families or projects. Please click on the link below for detailed information about internship fees in Sri Lanka.

Internship Programs

Internship in Orphanage in Sri Lanka

orphanage children with intern

Enrich lives of children living in orphanages in Sri Lanka. Helping Abroad collaborates with these orphanages, providing absolutely amazing internship opportunities where you can travel to this beautiful island nation, acquire your internship experience as well as provide service to people who need it the most.

Interns can get involved in taking care of the children, teaching them English and tutoring them with homework. They can also help in organizing various extracurricular activities such as art, craft, singing, dancing etc. Interns also have the choice of assisting in administrative tasks and helping in fund raising activities.

Internship in this project will give interns with a wider perspective into child care and social work. They will get a clear picture on how orphanages are run. It is a great opportunity for those who want to pursue their career in social work, child care and community development.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

There are no specific requirements or qualifications needed to enroll in our internship in the orphanage project; however, traits like patience, flexibility and compassion are expected from the interns.

Internship in Elephant Orphanage Project in Sri Lanka (Pinnawala, Sri Lanka)

Intern pampering elephant

Due to human encroachment, habitat destruction and increased irrigation projects in Sri Lanka, elephants lose large tracks of their habitat. The rescued, wounded and abused elephants are bred in the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala, which however, lacks the required human resource and funds. Savor the beautiful tropical climate and landscape of Sri Lanka, and at the same time take care of the largest land mammals, getting an internship in the 'Elephant Orphanage Project'.

Interns are expected to help the ‘Mahouts’, take care of the elephants by preparing food, bathing and feeding elephants, nursing wounds, and cleaning enclosures. They can indulge into caring for the gentle beasts or can engage in their welfare by helping out in administration, fundraising and research activities.

The internship is a great way to give to the animals, where interns can learn about animal behavior and can get a lot out of the experience, if they want to pursue a career out of animal care or wildlife conservation.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

There are no specific qualifications needed for an internship in the elephant project in Sri Lanka. However, interns should have a deep love for animals. Please note that this project requires interns to spend much of their time outdoors.

Teaching Internship in Monasteries in Sri Lanka

Little monks making faces

If Buddhism and its teachings intrigue you enough, then you have come across the right program to make your internship an enriching experience. Sri Lanka is home to around 70% of the population following Theravada Buddhism. Get your internship in the ‘Teaching Buddhist Monks’ project to teach English to young Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka.

The intern will teach basic English and English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to young Buddhist monks. They will be leading the classes to teach basic conversational English and can also organize extracurricular activities such as dancing, games, music, sports, art, etc. Interns can also assist monastery administrations and in fundraising activities; along with helping around the monastery with routine checkups.

Those who are passionate about teaching and have a deep interest in Buddhism and its teachings are encouraged to apply for this internship. This is a great place to learn, and at the same time hone your teaching skills at an environment completely different than the one you are used to.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

No teaching experience or skills are required, but the interns in the teaching English to Buddhist monks project in Sri Lanka should have strong English skills, both written and verbal. Interns will also respect the monks at all times as well as the prevailing culture inside and outside the monastery.

Teaching Internship in Sri Lanka

Intern with little monks

There are schools in the rural areas of Sri Lanka, where children from unprivileged families study, which are under resourced and understaffed. Lack of trained teachers and professionals teaching English has made improving English skills for children a difficult task. Internship as an English teacher can help these young students communicate and comprehend English better, opening up to diverse opportunities in the future.

Interns in this project will be responsible for taking English classes according to the local curriculum, or assisting the local teachers arrange activities and lessons. As teaching interns, they can work on the curriculum development with local teachers and help organize extracurricular activities such as music, dance, sports, art, games, etc. They can choose to get involved in fundraising activities for the school, and assist the school administrations with daily tasks.

As interns, you will get to learn a lot about classrooms, the process of teaching and learning and about education. Teaching English Project is highly recommended to those who want to take up teaching and education as a profession in the future.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

The project does not have specific requirements for internship; however native English speakers are preferred. Non native speakers with fluent English can also apply. Interns are also expected to be patient and flexible, respecting the locals, and setting good examples to the students.

Supervision and Field Support

The interns in the internship project will be guided and supervised by an experienced and qualified supervisor. Usually the head of the project will be mentoring the interns throughout the internship duration, guiding them professionally towards the completion of the project. Depending on the qualification and time allotted for the project, interns may be required to pay an additional supervision fee of $25-$50 per week to the supervisor.

College credit for internship project in Sri Lanka

Please note that Helping Abroad does not provide college credits for internship project. Our local office or your supervisor can give you a letter verifying the duration and project of your internship. If you need college credit for your internship, please contact your own university or college. You can also talk to your professor.

Room and Food

Mostly, interns in Sri Lanka will be staying with a host family, located at safe and clean neighborhood with easy accessibility to internet cafes, supermarkets, restaurants and bus stops. Host families for Helping Abroad are well screened and are respectable community members. Interns in the elephant conservation project in Kegalle, will be placed in an on- site accommodation.

Interns will be provided with meals three times a day (local food). However, other snacks and drinks outside the meal times will not be included. Vegetarian meals can also be arranged for but the interns will have to mention this in the application form beforehand.

Free Time

The Internship does not require interns to get involved in work 24/7. They will have free time in their hands during the evenings and during weekends, which they can use for interacting with other interns and visiting local areas nearby. They can visit the sandy beaches and forests and go on elephant rides. Interns can also enjoy Buddhist festivals, parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bazaars, markets, restaurants, temples, museums and palaces.