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If giving a good start to your professional life is what you are looking for, then an internship in Argentina might be the best option for you. With Helping Abroad, you can take your internship abroad experience to a whole new level, with a wide selection of internship opportunities with projects like disadvantaged children project, English teaching project, NGO community development project, medical/health project, disabled children project, dental project and professional support project.

Discover the diversity in culture and geography in this serene Latin American country populated by friendly Argentines. Enjoy the art and architecture scene of Argentina, savoring the indigenous and Creole cuisine as you explore the beautiful Latin American country.

To get a head-start on your Argentina internship program, take a few moments to contact us by email for more information, including travel dates, fees and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fees and Dates

Helping abroad offers the most affordable internship program in Argentina. Except our registration fee of $299, our fees start as low as $454. You can click the link to get the detailed information about internship fees in Argentina.

Internship Programs

Internship in Disadvantaged children’s Project in Argentina

orphans playing with intern

As a result of economic meltdown and poverty in the 90’s numerous parents have not been able to provide their children with basic needs and education, leading to destitute living standards and an uncertain future for the children. With Helping Abroad, you can get your internship in the disadvantaged children’s project and get lots to learn.

As interns, you will be responsible for organizing extracurricular activities and learning activities for the children. You can also get involved in teaching English and other skills like painting, sewing, cooking etc. Interns can choose to help in the administration as well, and can also help in fundraising.

Internship in the Disadvantaged Children’s Project will give interns an invaluable experience to observe and get a basic understanding of impoverished children. It will be an insightful experience for interns and good way to start if social work and community development is what one is interested in. The internship will enable interns to make their portfolios stand out with a unique experience for professional development. Interns will also get to explore a new country and immerse into its unique culture at the same time.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

This internship does not require any kind of educational qualifications, skills or experience. Interns should come with a passion for working for the welfare of local communities, should be flexible and patience in nature and should have a feeling of compassion for the children.

Teaching Internship in Argentina

students with intern

Schools in rural parts of Cordoba are understaffed and under resourced. Children from unprivileged families attend these schools where they have fewer chances of improving their English skills at a time when English as a global language has been gaining momentum. Helping Abroad partners with these schools and provides internship opportunities to teaching enthusiasts like you, to teach English in these schools.

Interns for the Teaching English Project will primarily be involved in teaching English, whether by direct classroom teaching or assisting the local teachers with classroom activities. It is the responsibility of interns to make the classes more interactive and fun to learn. Interns can also help in curriculum development and can participate in fund raising activities. They can also choose to support administration with the daily administrative duties.

Internship in the teaching English Project will enable interns to improve upon their teaching skills by practicing teaching in a different teaching setting. Along with the bundle of experiences the interns will get, they get the chance to bring a change in the teaching methodologies in rural Argentinean schools too. They will get to savor the new environment they will be working in, away from home, amid the fascinating culture that is completely different than theirs.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

There are no requirements (educational qualifications and experience) for this internship. But interns should be patient with the children and flexible to the working environment that is different than the one they are used to.

Internship in Community Development NGO in Argentina

Argentina has numerous Non Government Organizations (NGOs) working in grass root level communities in tireless attempts to push the communities towards improved living conditions and prosperity. Helping Abroad collaborates with the local NGOs, and provides opportunities to those who are interested to do their internship in local NGOs of Argentina.

The basic responsibility of the intern will be to support and train local people in capacity building tasks like marketing, fundraising, accounting etc. and establishing communication strategies. University students can help in writing funding proposals, case studies and reports. They can also help in IT skills, teach English to the local staff and help in conducting research on the success of programs and future plans.

Internship with the local NGOs will give a wide insight to the interns, into the development works carried out in the ground level. Especially those who have an interest in development studies and humanitarian work are highly recommended to participate in the NGO Community Development Internship Project. Interns will only come out polishing their professional and personal skills, making their portfolio stand out, along with the satisfaction of giving back to the community they work with.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

No educational requirements or skills are needed to intern in this project. However, students of development studies are highly preferred for this internship program. The interns are expected to be adapting, flexible, patient and passionate about community development.

Medical Internship in Argentina

Kick start your professional journey in the medical field with a medical internship in Argentina’s Health Care Project. Helping Abroad partners with several local hospitals in Argentina and provides internship opportunities for medical students and professionals.

Internship in the medical project will indulge interns in performing basic medical duties like measuring patients’ blood pressure, temperature, height and weight and providing first aid care. They will get the opportunity to shadow the medical professionals, doctors and nurses, and will assist in counseling patients, maintaining health records and distributing medicines in health camps.

The interns will be directly benefited, as they get to learn a lot from the professionals, getting hands on experience providing medical services in Argentina. It is a great place to start a career in health and medical service. Interns will be able to give back to the community alongside the enriching learning experience the internship provides. An internship abroad experience also gives interns the chance of traveling to a new place and immersing into the local culture.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Interns for the Health Care Project are required to have knowledge on medical studies or should be students who are studying or already graduated from medical school. Medical certification providing the evidence of the intern’s status as a medical professional (or in the process of becoming one) should be submitted to the project while applying.

Dental Internship Project in Argentina

If you are aspiring to be a dentist, Helping Abroad’ Dental Internship Project in Argentina may be the best program for you to get started with. Statistics show that the dentist to patient ratio in Argentina is 1 to 2000, with an uneven distribution of dentists throughout the country. Therefore, clinics and dental hospitals could do with some help from interns like you, providing you with a unique opportunity.

Interns can assist the doctors in general dentistry activities like scaling, extractions, fillings, root canal works and surgery. They will be supervised and mentored by a professional dentist and will get to actively participate as much as possible. The interns will also be helping out in normal activities like confirming patients’ appointments, getting follow ups from patients, sterilizing instruments and other dental administrative tasks.

The dental internship is a great opportunity to learn by getting involved. The interns can learn about various dental cases that his/her mentor is taking care of. Interns can get a basic understanding on how a dental profession looks like and how patients are treated in a challenging working environment, which is a great place to start a dental career. Interns will also get to strengthen their resumes with this internship experience, and at the same time enjoy the perks of interning in a different country.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Those applying for the dental project HAVE to be dental students or graduates of dental studies. A certificate or verification document that gives an evidence of the intern’s knowledge or involvement in dental studies must be provided beforehand, while applying.

Internship in Disabled Children and Teens Project in Argentina

Get your internship experience, working for disabled children and teens project in Argentina. Helping Abroad offers internship abroad opportunities in Argentina, for young enthusiasts of social work and public health.

In this project, the interns will be getting involved in providing education to the children, teaching subjects like English, Math and Science. Interns can also help in spreading awareness about personal hygiene and sanitation among the children. They can even choose to help the administration in daily administrative and operative duties and can help around in fund raising activities too.

The internship provides the opportunity to hone their professional and personal skills, meanwhile making their portfolio stronger with a unique internship experience. Internship in the Disabled Children and teens Project in Argentina will be a great start for those who want to get involved in social work in the future. Interns will get to travel to a new place, immersing into a new culture.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

This project does not have special requirements that interns need to fulfill. However, qualities like patience, flexibility and compassion will be useful for interns who are willing to give in their time and effort to help these children get better lives.

Professional Support Internship Program in Argentina

The Professional Support Internship Program by Helping Abroad places interns in organizations of Argentina that are willing to use the individual skills and interests that interns possess. Various support areas like accountancy, communication, marketing, public relations, human resource, economics etc. are available for internship in organizations in Argentina.

Interns will be assigned with duties and responsibilities as per the support area they are placed in. Apart of the specific duties, interns generally will be involved in activities like database management, organizing extracurricular activities, supporting administration, helping with promotion and fundraising and research work.

Because this internship depends on the interest and skills of the intern, the intern will get a good opportunity for growth and utilizing their skills. The interns will have a tailor made feel to the experience, learning how organizations in Argentina operate. Alongside honing their professional and personal skills, they can enjoy the new place and the culture and cuisine the place has to offer.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

The Professional Support Internship Project does not require a specific set of educational qualification or experience; however fluency in Spanish language is highly preferred in interns. They should also be open towards changes and are expected to be patient throughout the internship experience.

Supervision and Field Support

The interns in the internship project will be guided and supervised by an experienced and qualified supervisor. Usually the head of the project will be mentoring the interns throughout the internship duration, guiding them professionally towards the completion of the project. Depending on the qualification and time allotted for the project, interns may be required to pay an additional supervision fee of $25-$50 per week to the supervisor.

College credit for internship project in Argentina

Please note that Helping Abroad does not provide college credits for internship project. Our local office or your supervisor can give you a letter verifying the duration and project of your internship. If you need college credit for your internship, please contact your own university or college. You can also talk to your professor.

Room and Food

Mostly, interns in Argentina will be staying with a host family (also in a hostel) in simple houses at safe and clean neighborhood with easy accessibility to internet cafes, supermarkets, restaurants and bus stops. Host families for Helping Abroad are well screened and are respectable community members. Living with a host family will help interns improve their Spanish skills and get interns into authentic cultural immersion. They will be provided with meals three times a day (local food). Interns who require vegetarian food should specify it while filling up the application. However, other snacks and drinks outside the meal times will not be included.

Free Time

The Internship does not require interns to get involved in work 24/7. They will have free time in their hands during the evenings and during weekends, which they can use for interacting with other interns and visiting local areas nearby. Interns can also go around the city of Cordoba to see the historical monuments that date back to the colonial era and give their ears a pleasure, by enjoying the Cuarteto, popular kind of music played in Cordoba.