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Giving your career a great kick start can be challenging; however, internship in Nepal can be a great way to start things off. If you want to make a good start, you can get your internship abroad experience in Nepal with Helping Abroad that offers intensive internship programs in areas like health, teaching, orphanages and photography.

Nepal, a landlocked country sandwiched between two super power nations China and India, is a country filled with natural beauty and warm and hospitable people welcoming you with all smiles. Travel to this beautiful land of the Himalayas and get your internship experience in this beautiful nation and get mesmerized by the cultural and geographical diversity and the diverse culture.

Join our internship programs and gain internship experience as well as an experience of a lifetime.

Fees and Dates

Helping Abroad offers the most affordable Nepal internship program. Except our registration fee of $299, our fees start as low as $99. You can click the link to get the detailed information about internship fees in Nepal.

Internship Programs

Internship in Orphanage in Nepal

orphanage children

There are many orphanages in Nepal that work tirelessly to provide orphans with basic needs and education. Now here is a chance to work as an intern in our orphanage internship program in such orphanages aimed at providing equal opportunities as every other child.

Interns have a diverse role to perform partaking in this program. The interns will be responsible for teaching the orphans English language and also helping them with their homework and educating them in areas of personal hygiene, cleanliness. They can also work on the administrative activities of the institution and contribute for the smooth functioning of the office. Apart from these activities, interns will also help them to encourage and inspire them to strive for a better future.

We will assure you that through our internship program in an orphanage, you will not only gain internship experience but an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It is a great way to start your career in social work, especially in a developing country like Nepal and learn about the operation of such institutions as well as the situation of orphaned and homeless children. Apart from this, you will have an absolutely brilliant time as Nepal is a country with magnificent natural beauty with timeless culture that will truly blow your mind.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Internship in the orphanage project does not require any prior skills or qualification. The intern should however, have the passion to help children and be flexible, responsible and patient with the children.

Teaching Internship in Nepal

Intern teaching child

For children from under privileged families in Nepal, improving English communication skills is unattainable because public schools lack qualified teachers and resources to teach the language in the proper manner. We, at Helping Abroad and Travel, are on the quest to open doors for such students with an opportunity to learn English from native or fluent English teachers. As an intern, you can teach in schools and help the children improve their English comprehension and communication skills.

The intern will be teaching Basic English to the children and if possible, other subjects like math or science. As teaching interns, they can work on the curriculum development and organize extracurricular activities such as music, dance, sports, art, games, etc. Interns can help in the fundraising activities for the school, and assist the school administrations with daily tasks as well.

The intern will get a firsthand experience in teaching English as a foreign language to school children. It is a great way to start a career in social work and teaching or any other field for having such experience would make your resume very impressive. You will also have this wonderful opportunity to travel to such a unique location as Nepal and immerse in its beautiful culture.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Interns are required to be fluent in English in both spoken and written and have basic knowledge about the language. They should also have the passion to teach and help students. Interns should be good role models, flexible, patient, caring, creative, responsible and open-minded.

Medical Internship Project in Nepal

Intern applying medication to injured child

People living in the remote areas of Nepal still have very limited access to standard medical facilities and resources due to lack of trained doctors and medical professionals. If you are medical student looking to start a career as well as travel to a new place, medical internship projects in Nepal may be the right option for you.

As interns, you can be involved in a wide range of activities like helping with routine checkups, assisting in the lab and helping patients with physical therapy. You can also work in rehabilitation centers. Interns will have the opportunity to work with local doctors, health workers, therapists and nurses. You can also help in providing basic first aid care, recording patient details, measuring vital signs, distributing medicines and assisting with medical procedures which all depend on your skills and qualifications.

The intern will get a firsthand experience in the medical field, working under doctors and medical professionals in rural areas of Nepal. It is a great way to start your medical career as working as an intern in Nepal will truly help your resume stand out. Not only this, you will have the opportunity to serve and provide medical attention to the locals through your expertise.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

The intern for the health program must possess a health care certification such as an ID as a medical student, EMT or paramedic certification, or nursing or physician's credentials. Medical interns without credentials are not allowed to work in this program because of the potential risk. The hospitals require a copy of your resume, clearly stating credentials and education before your arrival to the project.

Teaching Internship in Monasteries in Nepal

Intern with little monks

Nepal, a spiritual nation in the mountains, is home to countless Buddhist monasteries, homing Tibetan Buddhist monks who learn Buddhist scriptures in Tibetan language. Globalization and international relations has shown the higher importance of English language for the monks to spread the teachings of Buddha. Due to this, an increased need for English language instructors for these young monks has been realized. Enroll to intern in this project as an English teacher as it is a great way to immerse into the spiritual lifestyle and an absolutely unique once-in-a life-time experience.

The intern will be teaching English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation; and also planning lessons and curriculum development. They will be responsible to lead the classes to teach basic conversational English and can also organize extracurricular activities such as dancing, games, music, sports, art, etc.

It will be a spiritual experience you will find nowhere when teaching English to Buddhist monks. Interns will get real hands-on experience living close to the monastery, observing rituals, prayers and ceremonies. It is a wonderful way to gain your internship experience for it will not only help your resume to stand out but also will give you a life changing experience which will entirely change your perspective and help you in your personal growth.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

No teaching experience or skills are required, but the interns in this project should have strong English skills, both written and verbal. You should also respect the monks at all times as well as the prevailing culture inside and outside the monastery.

Internship in Conservation Project in Nepal

Helping Abroad partners with local nonprofit environmental organizations to promote environmental conservation and awareness for a better environment. As an intern in the conservation project in Nepal, you’ll work in a community nursery by planting seedlings, nurturing their growth and distributing the trees to the community free of cost to help in reforestation. This is a perfect project for environmentalists and those who are committed to conservation work.

Interns will help around in a nursery, with planting and nurturing seedlings, which are later distributed for free to surrounding villages and in various parts of Nepal. Simple activities like digging, preparing nursery beds, sowing seeds, weeding, trimming and pruning can also be done. They will also help in watering, planting, collecting seeds and eliminating diseased trees.

The intern will get involved in hands on conservation efforts in a country rich with natural resources. It is a great way to start a career in conservation and environment. This program is located in Chitwan that boasts one of the largest national parks of Nepal and mostly popular for its elephant-back safaris and the one-horned Asian Rhino. It is one of the most beautiful places not only for conservationists but to anyone in the world. For environmentalists and conservationists, this internship program will be one of the best internship programs they can find around the world.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

For internship in this project, you should feel passionate about saving the environment. You should also be flexible, patient, hardworking, caring, motivated and open minded to new cultures. You’ll also have to be in physically good condition, as the work can get physical. Other than that, no specific skills or qualifications are required.

Photojournalism Internship in Nepal

Helping Abroad offers a unique, creative and culturally eye-opening photojournalism project. This is an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring photographers to gain professional experience while fully experiencing a beautiful country.

The interns will be travelling to festivals, events, cultural activities, parks, scenic places, etc. to effectively capture the beauty and meaning behind Nepal’s nature and culture, practicing all aspects of photojournalism. They will be meeting and interacting with locals to understand Nepalese culture in an authentic way. Interns will assist their supervisor on all projects, sharing ideas and creativity.

The intern for Photojournalism Project will get to immerse into and savor the cultural and traditional delights of Nepal, in the diversity of festivals and rituals worth witnessing once in a lifetime. It is a great way to get into the creative journey of photography where you will also have an experience in the technical aspects of using and handling a camera.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Interns must bring a camera, know how to use it and be familiar with modern photojournalism. They must be easy going, motivated, flexible, open-minded, creative and ready for anything.

Supervision and Field Support

The interns in the internship project will be guided and supervised by an experienced and qualified supervisor. Usually the head of the project will be mentoring the interns throughout the internship duration, guiding them professionally towards the completion of the project. Depending on the qualification and time allotted for the project, interns may be required to pay an additional supervision fee of $25-$50 per week to the supervisor.

College credit for internship project in Nepal

Please note that Helping Abroad does not provide college credits for internship project. Our local office or your supervisor can give you a letter verifying the duration and project of your internship. If you need college credit for your internship, please contact your own university or college. You can also talk to your professor.

Room and Food

Mostly, interns in Nepal will be staying with a host family in simple houses at safe and clean neighborhood with easy accessibility to internet cafes, supermarkets, restaurants and bus stops. Host families for Helping Abroad are well screened and are respectable community members. Interns are usually provided with a private bedroom, but occasionally rooms will be shared with a same-gender volunteers or interns. Most of our host families have experience with hosting international volunteers and interns. Host family stays are a great chance for cultural immersion and exchange. Rooms can also be provided in hostels or home bases where our international volunteers and interns are accommodated.

Interns will be provided with meals (local Nepali food) three times a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). However, other snacks and drinks outside the meal times will not be included. Vegetarian meals can be arranged for interns; however it should be aforementioned in the application form.

Free Time

The Internship does not require interns to get involved in work 24/7. They will have free time in their hands during the evenings and during weekends, which they can use for interacting with other interns and visiting local areas nearby. They can go to the Swoyambhunath Temple which is located near the home base, or visit the other world heritage sites like the Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bauddhanath temple, etc.