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If you want to get a unique internship experience full of excitement, internship programs in Tanzania can be the best choice for you. Helping Abroad collaborates with various projects and organizations in Tanzania and provides an array of internship projects for learning enthusiasts like you, ranging from orphanage projects, English teaching projects to women’s development projects.

Home to spectacular landscapes and enticing wildlife experiences, Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries in East Africa. Whether it is Mount Kilimanjaro’s majestic view or the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, the splendor of Tanzania will have you mesmerized, as you get your internship abroad in this East African country.

To get a head-start on your Tanzania adventure, take a few moments to contact us by email for more information, including travel dates, fees and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fees and Dates

Helping Abroad volunteers Program starts every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Helping abroad offers the most affordable internship program in Tanzania. Except our registration fee of $299, our fees start as low as $150. Interns will pay the fees directly to the host families. You can click the link to get the detailed information about internship fees in Tanzania.

Internship Programs

Orphanage Internship Project in Tanzania

orphans playing with intern

Tanzania is one of Africa’s poorest nations, disastrously hit by HIV/AIDS and leaving numerous children orphaned and helpless. Only AIDS was responsible for around 1.3 million children being orphaned according to the data of 2011. There are several orphanages that take care of these children, providing them with basic needs and education, but lacking human and financial resources.

Internship in the orphanage will get interns involved in basic activities like teaching and taking care of children. Interns can teach English, math and science, and help the children with their homework. They can arrange for other activities like singing, dancing, art and craft too. Interns can also choose to work in the administration department to get an understanding on the day to activities of the orphanage administration.

Interns will learn how an orphanage runs, and will get a glimpse into the lives of orphaned children in Tanzania. Internship in the orphanage combines social work and personal satisfaction of contributing for the better of these children. The internship is an opportunity for professional as well as personal development; an experience that can be enriching and eye opening.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

The internship does not have educational requirements and does not require skills and experience from the interns. But qualities like patience and flexibility are highly regarded.

Teaching Internship Project in Tanzania

Tanzania, once under the British rule, has two national languages, one being English. Though English is a national language, children from poorer families, studying in under resourced schools seldom get to improve their English due to unavailability of qualified teachers. Teaching English Project by Helping Abroad, places interns to teach English to the children, with the attempt of developing their conversational and comprehension skills.

As teaching interns, your basic responsibility is to conduct English classes under the local curriculum or help the English teacher conduct classes and classroom activities and make classes more interactive and fun. The interns can also help the teachers in curriculum development. They can choose to support the school administration in daily administrative duties too.

Interns will get firsthand experience in a local school, teaching children. They will get to learn more about classrooms, teaching styles and education, learning from teaching in challenging environments and situations. Interns will also get to travel to a new place for their internship, make their resumes stronger and get the satisfaction of giving back to the community.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Though no educational qualification and experience is required for the Teaching Internship Project, the interns should be flexible working in an environment different than they are used to and should be patient, as teachers.

HIV/AIDS Internship Project in Tanzania

children during HIV/AIDS awareness project

Around 1.6 million people in Tanzania are living with HIV/AIDS according to survey results of 2011, with disastrous effects on the society, physically and psychologically. This has given rise to the need for effective counseling and awareness in the Tanzanian communities. Helping Abroad provides internship opportunities with HIV/AIDS Internship Project in local organizations working on HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.

Internship in the HIV/AIDS project will require interns to participate in HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and lead programs. Interns will also be responsible for conducting counseling sessions to the locals infected by HIV/AIDS and visiting infected patients at their homes. They will also provide educational trainings and promote support groups in the communities.

Since this internship requires interns to work at community levels, it will provide the interns with hands on experience in working with communities directly affected by the epidemic, giving them a clear picture on the aftermath of HIV/AIDS on the Tanzanian people and how they are coping with it. It is a good starting point for a career dedicated to public health and HIV/AIDS and also one of the best ways to visit a completely new country and immerse into its unique culture. The internship will provide personal as well as professional development, along with the satisfaction of giving back to a community that needs it the most.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Interns should be patient and adaptable to changes. They should be compassionate towards the people and should have the enthusiasm and passion for helping those in need. However, educational requirements and experience are not required for the internship.

Medical Internship Project in Tanzania

Health care in rural areas of Tanzania is not easily accessible due to under resourcing and unaffordable due to rampant poverty. Helping Abroad collaborates with the local hospitals and clinics to provide medical service to locals of rural areas. Medical internships in these clinics are available with Helping Abroad.

Interns will be performing basic medical duties like helping the doctors and medical professionals with daily check up and providing basic first aid care. The interns can shadow the doctors, nurses, health workers and therapists. They can also treat minor injuries and perform tasks such as, cleaning and bandaging wounds take the vital signs, record patient details and distribute medicines.

Internship in the Medical Project gets interns immersed into medical service in the rural communities. Shadowing medical professionals will help interns observe and learn, getting a firsthand experience providing medical services in the local communities, giving a good start to a medical profession ahead. Interns will have the chance to travel to a new place in order to learn something new and to give back to the community they are working on.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

The intern for the health program must possess a health care certification such as an ID as a medical student, EMT or paramedic certification, or nursing or physician's credentials. Medical interns without credentials are not allowed to work in this program because of the potential risk. The hospitals require a copy of your resume, clearly stating credentials and education before your arrival to the project.

Supervision and Field Support

The interns in the internship project will be guided and supervised by an experienced and qualified supervisor. Usually the head of the project will be mentoring the interns throughout the internship duration, guiding them professionally towards the completion of the project. Depending on the qualification and time allotted for the project, interns may be required to pay an additional supervision fee of $25-$50 per week to the supervisor.

College credit for internship project in Tanzania

Please note that Helping Abroad does not provide college credits for internship project. Our local office or your supervisor can give you a letter verifying the duration and project of your internship. If you need college credit for your internship, please contact your own university or college. You can also talk to your professor.

Room and Food

Interns in South Africa will be staying in a hostel or with a host family in simple houses at safe and clean neighborhood with easy accessibility to internet cafes, supermarkets, restaurants and bus stops. Rooms will generally be shared with interns of the same gender. Host families for Helping Abroad are well screened and are respectable community members. Living with a host family will help interns improve their Spanish skills and get interns into authentic cultural immersion. During orientation and training program, interns will stay in our hostel in Cape Town.

Interns will be provided with meals three times a day (local food). Interns who require vegetarian food should specify it while filling up the application. However, other snacks and drinks outside the meal times will not be included. Orphanage Interns can stay in the orphanages as well, as these orphanages have extra rooms set aside for interns and volunteers, which are usually shared with other interns or volunteers.

Free Time

The Internship does not require interns to get involved in work 24/7. They will have free time in their hands during the evenings and during weekends, which they can use for interacting with other interns and visiting local areas nearby. Interns might be placed in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Albertinia, Knysna or Riversdale, according to the project they choose. Interns can go for city excursions and visit museums or choose to go for Safari trips, hiking, wine tasting, whale watching or also spend time in beaches or art galleries.