Internship in Peru

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Are you looking forward to start your professional journey with an internship experience? With Helping Abroad, you can get your internship, and at the same time, quench your thirst for traveling. By collaborating with local organizations, Helping Abroad provides opportunities to young enthusiasts who want to go out of their way to give a good start to their careers. Internship in Peru will provide interns with a perfect learning environment for furthering their careers ahead. Varieties of internship programs are available with Helping Abroad. Programs like Orphanage Project, English Teaching Project, Street children Project and Medical Project are available for interns to choose.

Home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Peru is a country lush with diverse indigenous culture and varied geography and climate. Get mesmerized by the Peruvian artistic traditions, rich literature, taste buds tingling cuisine and unique dances that will make your experience much more memorable.

To get a head-start on your Peru internship program, take a few moments to contact us by email for more information, including travel dates, fees and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fees and Dates

Helping abroad offers the world’s most affordable price. Except our registration fee of $299, our fees start as low as $209. You can click the link to get the detailed information about internship fees in Peru.

Internship Programs

Internship in Orphanage in Peru

orphanage project

Several orphanages in Peru are striving to give orphans and abandoned children with better lives, providing them with shelter, food and education. Helping Abroad is collaborating with these orphanages and providing opportunities for people wanting get an internship abroad experience in an orphanage in Peru.

Interns in this project will basically get involved in teaching children and tutoring them with their homework. They can organize extracurricular activities and learning activities for the children. Interns can also choose to teach English and other skills like painting, sewing, cooking etc. or help in the administrative and fundraising activities.

Internship in an orphanage is an enriching way to learn about social work and child care, which will give the interns a basic understanding about the lives that children lead in orphanages. The internship will be a good learning experience for interns and good place to start a career in social work and community development. This is a great way to make your portfolio stand out, with a unique experience to develop professional as well as personal skills.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Orphanage Internship in Peru does not require any kind of educational qualifications, skills or experience. However, interns should come with a passion for working for the welfare of children, should be flexible and patience in nature and should have a feeling of compassion for the children. The internship is especially recommended to those seeking to start a career in social work, community development, childcare etc. Interns with fluency in Spanish are highly preferred.

Street Children Internship Project in Peru

Street Children Internship project

There are hundreds of children living off begging in dire conditions in the streets of Peru. The children are at high risk of being exploited, abused or getting involved in criminal activities. There are child care projects working for the welfare of these unfortunate children living in misery. With Helping Abroad, you can get an internship in one of these organizations, working alongside these children.

Interns will be working in liaison with these organizations, particularly teaching English to the children. They can also teach life skills and organize extracurricular activities for the children. Interns can also choose to help in administrative and fund raising activities for the project.

Interns in the street children project have a great deal to learn just by observing the lives that the unfortunate children lead in the streets. This the best way interns can give back to the community alongside getting into an eye opening journey of learning. This internship is highly recommended to those who want to pursue social work, child care and community development in the future and also to those who are bitten by wanderlust and like traveling to new places and immersing in new culture.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

There are no specific qualifications needed for internship in the Street Children program in Peru. A good command over Spanish language is highly preferred, though it is not a requirement. Interns are expected to be flexible, patient and enthusiastic.

Teaching Internship Project in Peru

Teaching Internship project

Because of Globalization, English language has been gaining popularity for better education and job opportunities. However, Peruvian schools in rural areas lack well educated teachers and sufficient resources to teach English to the children which causes children growing up to sub standard English, that closes doors to better opportunities in the future. Helping Abroad collaborates with these schools and provides teaching internship opportunities to those interested.

Interns in the teaching project will be placed in these rural schools, where they will be responsible for taking English classes or help the local teachers in classroom activities and making the class more interactive and fun to learn. They can also organize extracurricular activities or help teachers with the curriculum development. Interns also have the choice of participating in administrative and fundraising activities for the school.

Internship in this project will enable interns to observe how classrooms are run especially in an under resourced school. They also get to apply and practice their teaching skills in classrooms, , which provides challenging environment for the intern to learn and adapt to different situations Those with the passion of teaching and want to pursue their careers as educators are highly encouraged to apply. This internship is a perfect opportunity to feed your appetite for traveling and to broaden your horizons.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

Interns do not have to be specifically qualified or experienced in teaching. They should at least have the passion for educating. Though not a requirement, Spanish speaking skills are highly preferred. Meanwhile, the intern should also possess the quality of patience, flexibility and adaptability.

Medical Internship in Peru

Helping Abroad collaborates with local hospitals and clinics in the rural areas of Peru that are under resourced and helps in making medical facilities accessible to the rural population by sending in volunteers and interns. You can get an internship in the Medical Project at hospitals in Peru.

Duties and responsibilities of the intern will depend on the hospital/clinic they are placed, their length of internship and their experience and knowledge. Interns will primarily assist the medical staff with general activities like routine checkups, assisting in the lab and helping patients with physical therapy, check-ups and examinations of patients, measurement of blood pressure, temperature, height and weight of patients. Due to the risk involved and medical regulations, interns cannot be involved in direct treatment of patients and in surgeries. However, they can shadow the doctors and health professionals and observe as they learn.

Interns will get a good level of exposure into the real world of medical service with an internship in the Medical Project. They get to learn a great deal, observing and shadowing doctors and health professionals, which will help them to strengthen their knowledge base about medicine and health. Those with the passion for travelling will love the experience. It is also an opportunity to strengthen your resumes and move towards professional and personal development.

Education Requirements and Project Skills:

The intern for the health program must possess a health care certification such as an ID as a medical student, EMT or paramedic certification, or nursing or physician's credentials. Medical interns without credentials are not allowed to work in this program because of the potential risk. The hospitals require a copy of your resume, clearly stating credentials and education before your arrival to the project.

Supervision and Field Support

The interns in the internship project will be guided and supervised by experienced and qualified supervisor. Usually the head of the project will be mentoring the interns throughout the internship duration, guiding them professionally towards the completion of the project. Depending on the qualification and time allotted for the project, interns may be required to pay an additional supervision fee of $25-$50 per week to the supervisor.

College credit for internship project in Peru

Please note that Helping Abroad does not provide college credits for internship project. Our local office or your supervisor can give you a letter verifying the duration and project of your internship. If you need college credit for your internship, please contact your own university or college. You can also talk to your professor.

Room and Food

Mostly, interns in Peru will be staying with a host family in simple houses at safe and clean neighborhood with easy accessibility to internet cafes, supermarkets, restaurants and bus stops. Host families for Helping Abroad are well screened and are respectable community members. Living with a host family will help interns improve their Spanish skills and get interns into authentic cultural immersion. They will be provided with meals three times a day (local food). Interns who require vegetarian food should specify it while filling up the application. However, other snacks and drinks outside the meal times will not be included.

Free Time

The Internship does not require interns to get involved in work 24/7. They will have free time in their hands during the evenings and during weekends, which they can use for interacting with other interns and visiting local areas nearby. The interns can utilize their free time by exploring Cusco to the fullest. They can go on excursion tours to the city where the ancient Incan empire flourished, visit the ancient ruins and explore the Amazons. They can also opt for outdoor activities like hiking the Incan trail, horseback riding, bungee jumping, quad biking, sand boarding, surfing, paragliding etc.