Why Volunteer Abroad

  • US 501 (C), Tax deductible fee
  • Unbeatable price starts $160
  • Highly experienced and professional field-staffs
  • Expecting 2000 volunteers in 2013

Helping Abroad is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that empowers disadvantaged communities with sustainable and meaningful volunteer programs. We offer unique, highly flexible, safe and very affordable programs in over 17 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers of all ages enroll in Helping Abroad’s programs and set out on an unforgettable journey that will empower them and give them insight into how lives in other parts of the world are lived. Through our volunteer program, our volunteers will have the opportunity to give back to local communities where you will live, immerse in local culture and make local friends. Your contribution will have a lasting impact.

You will also have plenty time to explore the local landscape, visit interesting historical sites and enjoy local festivals and food. Every day as you work in your program and experience the world around you, you will grow as a person as circumstances and local environment will test your patience, skills and everything you have learned so far in your life. This will open your heart and mind to some life changing extraordinary experiences.

Make a Difference

When you volunteer abroad, you will share your love and care to disadvantaged children, or pour your energy into shaving endangered species, or simply converse in English to enthusiastic children in local school in an effort to improve their future. You can also use your skills and knowledge to treat patients at a local hospital or impart skills through which illiterate women can generate income and make their living. Helping Abroad has many different types of programs in many countries that you can choose from. All these programs are local initiatives started by local communities with their needs in mind. Our volunteers will contribute in a small but significant way, and your contribution can help project accomplish their goals quickly. Through the work our volunteers have done many orphaned children in orphanages around the world are now studying in colleges and about to get a degree, many are already working and sustaining themselves. Likewise, turtles in Costa Rica are now returning in greater numbers to lay eggs on the beaches where once most of their eggs were stolen and sold in local market. There are many such success stories. Whatever you decide do in our project, you will make a difference and your work will be highly appreciated by the local community.

Discovering Yourself

Find out who you are by volunteering abroad. When you travel to newer places and stay in culture that is so different from yours, you will challenge yourself to open your mind and learn from these communities. You will reflect on yourself and things you’ve learned, and discover the strengths you have.  You will also learn to become resourceful and open-minded as you interact more with people from different religious beliefs, social and economic circumstances and those holding diverse world views. The more you immerse in their societies the more you will discover yourself.

Very Affordable Travel

The aim of Helping Abroad is to make volunteer abroad programs affordable to everyone. We have worked very hard to reduce the cost. Our programs are locally owned and we only employ local people. There are no middle agents involved in organizing our programs. Because of this, our program fee is very low and extremely affordably. The fee also goes directly to the local community where you will work, benefiting them directly. With our low program fees, even students and people with limited budget can volunteer with us and travel to discover newer culture and enjoy fascinating landscape.

Build Your Future

Our research shows employers look favorable on you if you have made the effort to volunteer abroad and work to help the disadvantaged. This shows your determination, flexibility and your commitment. By volunteering abroad, you will also gain in confidence and add to the skills you have. This will come in very handy later in your career.

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